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Eavesdropping In: $105 Mil I.E. School Can’t Afford To Operate, Staff; Two Dodger Stadium Fires; Jet Ski Accident Leaves Sean Kingston In ICU; Snooki…

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  • Inland Empire’s newly built state of the art $105-million Riverside Hillcrest High School can’t afford to hire staff or operate due to state budget cuts, will sit unused. [LATimes]
  • Even more bad news for our sorry baseball franchise as two fires break out in Dodger Stadium over the holiday weekend. Starting to think the Dodgers may be cursed… [KTLA]
  • Sean Kingston stabilized but still in critical condition after crashing a jet ski into a Miami Beach bridge Sunday. [HuffPo]
  • In a scenario that pretty much captures the essence of the original guidette, Snooki crashes into a police car acting as an escort for her “Jersey Shore” crew while filming season 4 in Italy. [PE]
  • Jeff Conaway, famous for Kenickie role in Grease and later for his struggle with substance abuse as documented on “Celebrity Rehab”, dies at age 60. [TMZ]

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Eavesdropping In: Venice Weed Shops’ 420 Raid; Two Journalists Killed In Libya; McCourt Fights For The Dodgers; Judge Goes Easy On Theodora Richards;…

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  • Yesterday’s police raid and seizure of “boxes and bags of evidence” made for a very bad 420 for three weed shops on Venice Boardwalk operated by Kush Dr., LLC. [KTLA]
  • Two acclaimed journalists, Oscar-nominated Restrepo director Tim Hetherington and Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer Chris Hondros, killed in Libya in fight [HuffPo]
  • With Steve Soboroff vouching for him, Frank McCourt clings to the Dodgers despite MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s announcement to appoint a trustee. [LATimes]
  • Theodora Richards, daughter of the legendary Keith, gets a prettyyy prettyyyyy prettyyyy sweet deal in court for possession of weed and hydrocodone charges. [TMZ]
  • Good morning, everyone. Simon van Kempen of “Real Housewives of NYC” has just dropped a single. Enjoy your day. [PE]

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The Dodger’s Secret Russian Mystic

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The L.A. Times has dropped the official WTF bomb of the week, revealing that a 71-year-old Russian mystic has been on the Dodger's payroll for the last five years to “think blue” and will the success of the team.  Yeah, like Rasputin…

In the time Vladimir Shpunt has worked for the Dodgers, he has only been to one game and watches the games at home on TV. Homeboy doesn't even live in L.A.  And he knows almost nothing about baseball. But the McCourts have been shelling out for his “V energy” for years, apparently believing that he could channel Dodger victories through his thoughts.  A lawyer for Jamie McCourt, who is currenting involved in a bitter divorce with soon-to-be ex-husband, Frank, says the mystic gets a stipend and a bonus of “certainly six figures and even higher” if the Dodgers won the National League West title and how far they got in the playoffs.

Who knew you could buy your own wizard? Oh, excuse me, Shpunt wants to make sure we know that he is not a magician, but a scientist/healer.  Rent-a-mystic can calm down, it doesn't even matter because the thing is, if the McCourts hired this modern-day Rasputin character to pull Dodger wins via magic, they're insane, and if they hired him to will the wins via science, they're insane.

[Photo via LAtaco]

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Villaraigosa Hams It Up, Photos Document His Ticket Scandal

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Antonio Villaraigosa, Paris HiltonWe all know Antonio Villaraigosa is kind of a ham, but after a KTTV 11 news report, it seems his position in the spotlight has gotten to his head and lent him an inflated sense of entitlement to certain perks — perks which may have landed him in hot water. The benefits in question are free tickets to various events and concerts in L.A. you've seen him pictured hobnobbing with celebs at.  Over the course of his time in office since 2005, the Mayor has been seen courtside at Lakers games, enjoying the view of his home team in action from the owner's box at Dodger Stadium, been a fixture at award shows – “anywhere there was a red carpet in Los Angeles, odds were [he] was photographed standing on it.”

The problem is, any time an elected official accepts a gift, they must disclose them, as well as from whom the the gift came. Such gifts include tickets, and officials must limit the value of gifted tickets to $420 from a single giver in a year.  The only time elected officials can attend an event gratis and do not have to abide by these rules is if they conduct official business or have some sort of ceremonial role in the event.

But last week, the mayor admitted to attending events free of charge, saying his attendance is part of his official duty to promote L.A. and its culture. You know, because Lakers games, the Oscars and BET Awards would get very little support and recognition otherwise… An investigation of his schedule and records, as well as a photo search of him at events shows many dubious holes and discrepancies that are in need of some explaining.  It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out and the spin campaign his clever staffers will come up with.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos of our Mayor having the ride of his life hard at work…

Ludacris, Antonio Villaraigosa, Tommy Lee plant a tree during the Planet Green premiere event, May 2008 [via]

Anotonio Villaraigosa, Will.i.am
Anotonio Villaraigosa with Will.i.am and a Black Eyed Peas Benefit concert in February 2009 [via]

Lu Parker, Antonio Villaraigosa

Lu Parker, Antonio Villaraigosa at the E! Oscar Party, March 2010 [via]; Villaraigosa having some fun courtside at a Lakers game [via]

Antonio Villaraigosa, Rita Wilson
Antonio Villaraigosa with Rita Wilson at the L.A. Philharmonic Opening Night Gala, August 2009 [via]

Antonio Villaraigosa,Tommy Lasorda, Frank McCourt, Billy Ray Cyrus
Antonio Villaraigosa,Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt greet singer Billy Ray Cyrus after he sang the national anthem prior to the start of Game 1 of the playoff series in October, 2009 [via]

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