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Your Window Of Opportunity To Invest With A Commodities Trader/Event Promoter/Aspiring Reality TV Star May Soon Be Closed

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Tyrone L. Gilliams is the founder TL Gilliams, a “trading firm” located in a suburb of Philadelphia that promises investors returns of 5% a week. But he’s also so much more than that. He’s a hip-hop promoter. He’s a (n alleged) friend of P. Diddy. He’s an aspiring reality TV star who hired a team of videographers to follow him around. He’s a philanthropist- to the world. If you’d heard of Gilliams years earlier and liked what you saw, you could’ve become an investor as a way to get close to all that. Unfortunately, TLG may not be actively investing for much longer, as at least one client- David Parlin- has accused him of misappropriating funds for “trips to the Bahamas, outings to Miami nightclubs, shopping sprees at Saks Fifth Avenue and a Cherry Hill, NJ Mercedes Benz dealership” and of running a Ponzi scheme, filing suit against Gilliams on April 13. As recently as February, TLG had registered the “Black Fox Fund” (a planned “$20 million stock-focused fund”) and while it’s likely the vehicle will have to be put on hold, at least for the time being, take a gander at this phenomenal video Ty-Gill shot to promote his firm’s “Joy to the World Fest” and if you think he’s someone with whom you’d like to entrust your money, consider getting in touch.

Joy To The World Fest 2010 TL Gilliams, LLC by The Artist Warehouse from TIM FONTAINE on Vimeo.

Matthew Goldstein: A Fame-Seeking Philly Trader’s Rap Falls Flat [Reuters]

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Step Into Lynn Tilton’s Office

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In a recent profile with the Journal, wherein Patriarch Partners founder and CEO Lynn Tilton clarifies that she “only strips and flips men,” not companies, we’re given a rare glimpse into the private equity chief’s office, described as such:

The walls are filled with whips and handcuffs sent to her by friends, Hashemite daggers given to her by Middle Eastern royals, New Age paintings and a portrait of her stretched across the hood of a black Mercedes. Her office uniform usually includes five-inch stilettos, an eight-carat diamond necklace and the occasional black leather jumpsuit. Ms. Tilton makes no apologies for her unconventional look.

“I am all woman,” Tilton says. “Sometimes it makes men uncomfortable, sure. But in business and in life, I have to remain faithful to my inner truth.” Some of you may have seen that inner truth before.

…should you have been lucky enough to be a Christmas card-receiving client of Lynn’s when she was a salesgirl at AMROC, circa 1989.

Speaking of whips (testicle clamps, spreader and truss bars, etc), Tilton notes that while she “likes to control things,” she’s “a benevolent dictator.” Important information for anyone entering her office for the first time.

Tilton Flaunts Her Style At Patriarch
Earlier: Those Where The Days: Lynn Tilton Vintage XMAS Card

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Morgan Stanley Guy Who Committed Hit And Run Provides Pretty Legit Excuse For Faux Pas

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Back in November, it was reported that last summer, Morgan Stanley financial adviser Martin Joel Erzinger, pictured, had driven over a doctor who was on his bike and then kept going, “until he reached a Pizza Hut parking lot, where he stopped and called Mercedes auto assistance to report the damage to his vehicle.” Dr. Steven Milo suffered damage to his knees and scapula, spinal cord injuries, bleeding to the brain, in addition to ‘disabling’ headaches and the possibility of multiple surgeries. The part of the story that was somewhat more shocking was that rather than be slapped with serious to quite serious charges, a court decided that for his crime, MJE would be hit with two misdemeanour traffic violations and restitution to the victim. People were somewhat outraged, to say the least. But! That was prior to hearing all of Marty’s side of the story.

“New-car smell” might have contributed to a driver losing consciousness in a July hit-and-run accident, his lawyers claim. Martin Erzinger was driving a new 2010 Mercedes sedan when he rear-ended bicyclist Dr. Steven Milo, about 1:30 p.m. July 3.

Erzinger’s attorneys say their client suffers from sleep apnea and fell asleep at the wheel before driving off U.S. Highway 6 and onto the shoulder near Miller Ranch Road, hitting Milo, who sustained injuries, from behind. Erzinger had purchased the car about a month before the accident. Accident reconstructionist John Koziol found in his investigation the sedan was emitting new car fumes, court documents said. It might have been a contributing factor, documents said.

Now, who feels like they judged too soon?

New Car Smell Cited In Hit And Run Case [DP]

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Does Wall Street Have A Problem With Felony Charges?

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Over the summer, Morgan Stanely financial adviser Martin Joel Erzinger, pictured, drove over a doctor who was on his bike and then kept going, “until he reached a Pizza Hut parking lot, where he stopped and called Mercedes auto assistance to report the damage to his vehicle.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Steven Milo suffered damage to his knees and scapula, spinal cord injuries, bleeding to the brain, and in just the last six weeks, ‘disabling’ headaches and the possibility of multiple surgeries. One would have likely assumed the charges for Marty would be quite to very serious but a court has decided they’ll only amount to two misdemeanour traffic charges and restitution to the victim. Apparently the rationale behind the decision was that a judge felt strongly that MJE should have to pay the doctor, which, sure, makes sense but that in order to do so, Erzinger would need to remain employed on Wall Street. And therein lies the rub.

According to District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, “Felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger’s profession.” It’s not something we’ve stopped to consider before, but now that the situation has presented itself and at least one or two of you probably have ‘be on the offensive end of a hit and run’ on top of the To Do list, maybe we should. Is Wall Street as judgmental as Hurlbert claims? Or is he in fact being a little dramatic here? Would most firms in fact be cool with a felony charge? Would some see it as a reason to hire you in the first place? Let’s break it down.

Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run ‘because it could jeopardise his job’ [Daily Mail]

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Ex-RBS Chief’s Best Friend Getting Out There To Randomly Defend The Guy, Making It About Anti-Semitism

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Almost a year and a half ago, a bunch of hoodlums attacked the Edinburgh home of former RBS chief Fred “The Shred” Goodwin, smashing several windows and the windshield of his Mercedes-Benz S600. At issue: the matter of FG’s £700,000/year pension despite the minor matter of the bank reporting the largest annual loss in British corporate history a month prior. Over the weekend, one of his buddies who maybe hadn’t heard about it ’til now or who he’d perhaps lost touch with until they recently reconnected on Facebook, weighed in on the matter.

In an interview with Scotland on Sunday, Sir Angus Grossart said Goodwin had been made a “scapegoat” for the banking crisis in which RBS had to be bailed out by the government to the tune of £20bn. Grossart said that the attacks on his “good friend” bore “shades of Kristallnacht”, a 1938 anti-Jewish pogrom. He added: “A lot of people, including those in government, were also involved in mistakes and they did not have bricks thrown through their windows.”

Yeah and you know what else? A lot of people helped contribute to the US’s financial crisis and yet Jimmy Cayne was the only one who got his house TP’ed, an offense his college roommate will be discussing tomorrow on Howard Stern.

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Opening Bell: 06.23.10

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Volcker Rule Under Attack as Lawmakers Seek Loophole (Bloomberg)
Senate negotiators will probably offer changes today that would soften the Volcker rule by allowing banks to sponsor hedge funds and invest their own money, within limits, alongside that of clients. The compromise, designed to win the support of at least three Republican senators, comes as lawmakers struggle to reach agreement on financial reform this week. To appease Democrats in favor of stronger regulation, negotiators also plan to make it harder for regulators to undermine the rule, according to lobbyists and congressional aides involved in the discussions.

BP Executive Prepares to Take Over Spill Response (NYT)
Robert Dudley, who takes charge of BP’s spill response on Wednesday, has plenty of experience dealing with a hostile government, unhappy partners and angry citizens. The former head of BP’s joint venture in Russia, TNK-BP, he was expelled from that country in 2008 after a nasty feud with the authorities and BP’s business partners. Whether Mr. Dudley, a soft-spoken man with a wisp of a Southern accent, can repair BP’s ruptured relationships on the Gulf Coast and in Washington remains to be seen.

U.S. Seeks Assets of Ex-Madoff Workers (WSJ)
The lawsuits, which offer further detail about the autumn 2008 spiral of Mr. Madoff’s firm, seek to seize about $5 million in assets from the two employees, Annette Bongiorno and JoAnn “Jodi” Crupi. Among the assets prosecutors are seeking from the women are a 2005 Bentley Continental and 2007 Mercedes Benz from Ms. Bongiorno, and a $2 million New Jersey home that Ms. Crupi allegedly helped purchase with funds from what was Mr. Madoff’s firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

`Mamma Mia’ Goes Dark, Bankers Stay Home as G-20 Hits Toronto (Bloomberg)
The Toronto Blue Jays baseball team is leaving town, the Royal Alexandra Theatre is closing for the first time in more than a century and thousands of bankers and money managers such as David Cockfield are working from home. “People coming to cover the G-20 are going to find Toronto just empty, with wind blowing through the downtown canyons, asking ‘Where are all the people?’” said Cockfield, a portfolio manager at MacNicol and Associates Asset Management Inc., which oversees about C$300 million ($293 million).

Former SocGen Chairman Has Sharp Words for Trader (NYT)
His voice often quavering with emotion, Mr. Bouton, 60, spoke of his “formidable anger” upon learning of Mr. Kerviel’s “monstrous” bets, which exposed the bank to €50 billion worth of risk, more than the bank’s market value. “It is not the business of a bank to risk its very existence,” Mr. Bouton said, turning to face Mr. Kerviel, seated behind him, who averted his gaze. “I cannot believe for one second any of Jérôme Kerviel’s supervisors were aware. I’m sorry, my dear fellow.” In the days following the bank’s disclosure of the Kerviel scandal — which remains the largest trading fraud in history — Mr. Bouton had set the tone for Société Générale’s initial version of events, calling Mr. Kerviel “a crook, a fraudster and a terrorist” who acted alone.

Op-Ed: Our Agenda For The G-20
Summers And Geithner: “Countries must put in place credible plans to stabilize debt-to-GDP levels and set a pace of consolidation that reinforces the momentum of growth. We must demonstrate a commitment to reducing long-term deficits, but not at the price of short-term growth. Without growth now, deficits will rise further and undermine future growth. ”

Pearl River Necklace bridge comes with a twist (BLD)
And an interesting name.

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